tirsdag 27. desember 2011

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lørdag 6. november 2010

Cutting Frankies claws

Cutting a cats claws is harder than you think. I was looking around on youtube to see a tutorial on how to keep the cat calm and how to actually cut them. On the videos the cat just sits there, not doing anything, but when I try to do the same thing with Frankie when he is relaxed he just moves his paw around. I don't want to cut if he doesn't hold still. Maybe I'll wait until he sleeps and just cut them.
Here is a random picture of Frankie, getting distracted while reading;
I just got a new phone in the mail today. It's a HTC Desire HD. I'll probably take some videos of Frankie in the near future, so keep following.

fredag 5. november 2010

Sleeping Frankie

I've was searching youtube to find a video showing me how to cut his claws with the new clipper I bought, and I came across a tutorial about how you can make your cat sleep on the bed with you. I saw it and it made me think, doesn't all cats like to sleep on comfy beds ? I mean, I didn't even put Frankie on my bed before he slept there. When we first got him he hid behind the sofa for a day, only coming out at night to eat, but the second day he was all over the place and used the bed like it was his own. He has been sleeping with us ever since.
I'll post another story about how the clippings went tomorrow. Here is a picture of Frankie trying to read before he sleeps, and it looks like the book isn't that exciting;
I think I'm just going to stop posting stuff about the stock market. All I do is recap what has happened. Anyways, for those who care, I bought myself in again, but this time in Seadrill (SDRL). I'm over 1 % up just today, but I expect them to go well over 200 NOK. Q3 is at the end of the month and I'm hoping it's good.

torsdag 4. november 2010

Making a mess

As you all know, Frankie likes to play around. Sometimes, even when I don't play with him and just sit on the couch, he'll have some kind of urge to just sprint around in the room and shove small things around. I'm getting used to this now, but in the beginning it was a bit frustrating to go and pick everything up. When I see him like this now-a-days I'll just play with him for 30 minutes, then he'll get tired and sleep on the couch.
Here is a picture of Frankie screwing around in the laundry basket;
As for the stock market, Ben Bernanke lifted the market once again, and OSX is 1,5 % up from down 2 % yesterday. STL is still falling, but YAR who fell 2 % yesterday opened up at 306 NOK and is now up over 3 % at 311. I can see YAR rising to at least 320 NOK in the very near future, but I'll wait for a little correction, maybe down to 306 before I buy myself in.

onsdag 3. november 2010

Hide and seek

Frankie and I usually play hide-and-seek together. Before I go to bed I have to play with Frankie to make him tired so I can sleep without him bothering me.
Yesterday we did the same thing. I ran to the kitchen and hid by the fridge and he saw me and jumped up and "tagged" me on my stomach. Then he hid behind the sofa and I "tagged" him. After a while I wanted to take a break and go to the toilet, so I walk normally to the toilet, while he follows me, and I urinate. As I stand there and do my "business" Frankie just stares at my hand, and then suddenly he jumps up and "tag" my arm. I was holding my penis and he shoves me, making me piss on the wall and some on the floor. Then he ran away and hid. What an asshole he is.
I don't have a picture of him shoving me, but I took one from when he was done playing around;
As for the stock market, the OSX has fallen over 1 % so far because Statoil lay down an okey Q3-report, but with awful guiding. STL falls 5 % (!) dragging OSX down with the oil-price rising. YAR does not seem to be affected as it rises over 0,7 % as we speak. I'm still waiting to see what Ben Bernanke has to say today before I buy myself in again.

tirsdag 2. november 2010

Frankie and his new playmat pt. 2

It didn't take long before Frankie ripped the balls of the playmat. I guess the mat was made for smaller cats, as Frankie is 8 months old and almost full grown. Anyways, I fixed the mat by tying the balls to the arc with a band of higher quality. So now he can play as rough as he wants.
I don't have a picture of him ripping balls off, but here is one where he's just relaxing;
As for the stock market; I'm still waiting for a dip. The main index (OSX) and YAR just seem to keep rising, and I feel kinda bad for selling out so early. I thought it was going to fall today since Dow Jones fell so much after OSX closed, but the oil-prices are still rising and the grain-prices are also rising. We'll see how it is tomorrow.

mandag 1. november 2010

Frankie and his new playmat

We bought a playmat for Frankie. It's practically a mat with two arces that has balls attached to them. He really loves it. He lies on his back and plays with the balls, and when he gets tired he just sleeps on the mat. It's beginning to look a bit messy here with all the cat toys lying around.
Here is a picture of Frankie sitting in his mat;

As for the stock market, I'm not going to buy myself in today. OSX opened up and the cases I'm considering (YAR and TEL) both went high. Cautious as I am, I'll wait until after 3rd November when Federal Reserve Board will announce if they're going to help the market and with how much. Then I'll consider it some more :P

søndag 31. oktober 2010

Frankie likes cream

Looks like Frankie likes cream too. It really didn't come as a surprise, but I took a picture of him licking the cream of my hot chocolate. He also likes chocolate milk and sour milk.
Here is a picture of Frankie stealing cream;

lørdag 30. oktober 2010


As you all know this is a blog about my cat, Frankie. He likes to eat, sleep and play around, but that's mostly it. I've been thinking about expanding the blog to include my interests too. Frankie likes to sit besides me when I'm on my computer and see what I'm doing.
I like to speculate in stocks on the Oslo Stock Exchange and play games, and I guess that's a part of Frankies interests too, unless he's just likes to sit on the couch.
Anyways, I feel a bit tired from all the work this week, so I'm going to keep it short. We'll see what I'm writing about tomorrow, but I'll continue to post pictures and videos of Frankie on a daily basis. :)
Here is a picture of Frankie washing himself:

fredag 29. oktober 2010

Frankie and the stock market

Frankie and I like to trade on the Oslo Stock Exchange. He gives me his analysis and I consider them. We made a bit of a mistake earlier today as we sold some YAR-stocks (we bought at 286 NOK) to 300,50 NOK when the current price is 309 NOK. O_o
We were worried about the US growth numbers, but they seem okay. Maybe I'll buy myself in again on Monday if it dips as it looks like could reach 320 very soon.
Here is a picture of Frankie showing me how crazy the stock market has been the last couple of years.

torsdag 28. oktober 2010

Frankie hates my things

Frankie has recently found a new spot. A shelf where I keep my keys, drivers license, ID-card for work etc. The thing is that he jumps up there and throws everything, except the papers that he sits on, down to the floor, and then he leaps after my things and shove them under the sofa or in a corner.
It's really annoying to start looking for your keys when you have to go to work. I have moved my things to another spot, but Frankie still goes up there looking for things to shove under the sofa.
Here is a picture of Frankie trying to make me late for work:

onsdag 27. oktober 2010

Frankie and his spots

We have had Frankie for over 7 months and he has found himself some places that he likes better than others, but I have noticed that he changes his favorite place almost every 2 months. At first he loved to sleep and sit on the sofa, then he moved over to the bed, then the other sofa, and now he likes to sit in his cage. I've just recently taken of the top on the cage and put in a nice blanket, so maybe it's the improvements he like...
Here is a picture of Frankie just sitting on the floor.

tirsdag 26. oktober 2010

Frankie wants to play, I want to sleep.

I just got home from working the night-shift. Frankie usually eats his breakfast at this time, and then he wants to play around a bit. I have found out that if I play with him for about 30 minutes he'll get tired enough that he'll let me sleep. If I just lock my door he'll just scratch it until I open. He can be such an asshole sometimes...
Here is a picture of Frankie not being an asshole.

mandag 25. oktober 2010

Frankie eats buns

Frankie ate almost half of a bun. I have seen him eat bread, but the way he "attacked" that bun was amazing. He must have been really hungry. I bought him a new brand of food and I don't think he likes it, so maybe that's the reason why he ate so much of the bun.
Here is a picture.