søndag 31. oktober 2010

Frankie likes cream

Looks like Frankie likes cream too. It really didn't come as a surprise, but I took a picture of him licking the cream of my hot chocolate. He also likes chocolate milk and sour milk.
Here is a picture of Frankie stealing cream;

lørdag 30. oktober 2010


As you all know this is a blog about my cat, Frankie. He likes to eat, sleep and play around, but that's mostly it. I've been thinking about expanding the blog to include my interests too. Frankie likes to sit besides me when I'm on my computer and see what I'm doing.
I like to speculate in stocks on the Oslo Stock Exchange and play games, and I guess that's a part of Frankies interests too, unless he's just likes to sit on the couch.
Anyways, I feel a bit tired from all the work this week, so I'm going to keep it short. We'll see what I'm writing about tomorrow, but I'll continue to post pictures and videos of Frankie on a daily basis. :)
Here is a picture of Frankie washing himself:

fredag 29. oktober 2010

Frankie and the stock market

Frankie and I like to trade on the Oslo Stock Exchange. He gives me his analysis and I consider them. We made a bit of a mistake earlier today as we sold some YAR-stocks (we bought at 286 NOK) to 300,50 NOK when the current price is 309 NOK. O_o
We were worried about the US growth numbers, but they seem okay. Maybe I'll buy myself in again on Monday if it dips as it looks like could reach 320 very soon.
Here is a picture of Frankie showing me how crazy the stock market has been the last couple of years.

torsdag 28. oktober 2010

Frankie hates my things

Frankie has recently found a new spot. A shelf where I keep my keys, drivers license, ID-card for work etc. The thing is that he jumps up there and throws everything, except the papers that he sits on, down to the floor, and then he leaps after my things and shove them under the sofa or in a corner.
It's really annoying to start looking for your keys when you have to go to work. I have moved my things to another spot, but Frankie still goes up there looking for things to shove under the sofa.
Here is a picture of Frankie trying to make me late for work:

onsdag 27. oktober 2010

Frankie and his spots

We have had Frankie for over 7 months and he has found himself some places that he likes better than others, but I have noticed that he changes his favorite place almost every 2 months. At first he loved to sleep and sit on the sofa, then he moved over to the bed, then the other sofa, and now he likes to sit in his cage. I've just recently taken of the top on the cage and put in a nice blanket, so maybe it's the improvements he like...
Here is a picture of Frankie just sitting on the floor.

tirsdag 26. oktober 2010

Frankie wants to play, I want to sleep.

I just got home from working the night-shift. Frankie usually eats his breakfast at this time, and then he wants to play around a bit. I have found out that if I play with him for about 30 minutes he'll get tired enough that he'll let me sleep. If I just lock my door he'll just scratch it until I open. He can be such an asshole sometimes...
Here is a picture of Frankie not being an asshole.

mandag 25. oktober 2010

Frankie eats buns

Frankie ate almost half of a bun. I have seen him eat bread, but the way he "attacked" that bun was amazing. He must have been really hungry. I bought him a new brand of food and I don't think he likes it, so maybe that's the reason why he ate so much of the bun.
Here is a picture.

søndag 24. oktober 2010

Enjoying the view

It's sunday and everybody is relaxed, especially Frankie. He's not giving me any help right now. He just stands by the window, so I'll see if he wants to go out. It's a bit windy, so I really doubt it.

lørdag 23. oktober 2010

Frankie thinking of things to post

You don't really think it's my blog, do you? It's Frankies idea to set up the blog and he decides what I'm going to post. He didn't feel like thinking about the blog right now, so I had to do it myself.
I can't think of anything right now. I'm helpless without his creativity. Here is a pic of Frankie helping me out:

fredag 22. oktober 2010

Frankie eats pancakes

Frankie wants to eat everything he sees me eat. He eats almost anything from vegetables to bread to meat. I don't give him anything with a lot of sugar in it like cake or cola. If I did I should have taken that insurance offer.
Here is a picture of Frankie eating a piece of pancake.

torsdag 21. oktober 2010

Frankie eats broccoli

Frankie stole some broccoli when I ate dinner yesterday. I usually give him some meat of my plate, but this time he stole one of the greens.

onsdag 20. oktober 2010

Cat insurance

I took Frankie to the veterinary to get him sterilized a few weeks ago, and the doctor offered me free cat insurance for 3 months. A couple of days later a telephonesalesman calls me offering me to insure my cat. I didn't even know you could do that, but I guess the insurancepeople needs money too. My cat lives a pretty laidback life where he's indoors most of the time, and after he got sterilized he became even more relaxed. The insurancesalesman told me about the cat getting ill from this and that, and catdiabetes, catfights etc. It sounded like he was trying to hard to sell it. Btw catdiabetes? Is that a common problem? wtf.
Here is a picture of Frankie not worrying about illness and just doing what he usually does; relaxing.

tirsdag 19. oktober 2010

Reaching new heights

Frankie began climbing around the frist day he came here, and still is. It began with the sofa, when he grew larger and stronger he jumped up the table, and now he jumps from the fridge to a ledge on a cabinet. That's a good 1 meter diagonal distance, but he jumps it like it's nothing.
Here's a pic of him reaching the highest point in the house;

mandag 18. oktober 2010

Frankie and his litterbox

Frankie has grown pretty much since I first got him. I have a litterbox with a top on it to prevent his "litter" from stinking up my livingroom, but it doesn't seem like he wants to get all the way inside. Maybe it's the smell, maybe he's just a big guy? I don't know. Here is a pic of one of his not-so-private moments :)
Btw, if you ever get a cat, you should buy catsand that clumps up and has "odor-control". I bought some cheap kittylitter from the grocery store, but it didn't help on the smell. Now I buy a more expensive type from the petstore which really is worth it, since catshit stinks bad. It's easier to clean if the sand clumps up too.

søndag 17. oktober 2010

Frankie and catnip

Before I got Frankie I bought a catbed and a scratchingpost. I tried to get him to used them, but he didn't like them. He was actually afraid of the bed, and he only used the scratchingpost as a stand for scratching higher on the wall.
I tried everything to make him scratch the post instead of the wall, even holding his paws and "scratch" it. I saw stupid youtube-videos about clickers and rewarding your cat. Nothing worked.
So I came over some catnip at the store. Not in a spray, but the actual herb. They said I should rub it on the things I want him to like. After I took a handful of catnip and smeared it on his stuff he went crazy. He started rubbing his face in the bed he was afraid of and cuddling with his scratchingpost, but also scratching it.
You can even see him trying to make himself comfortable in his bed. He fails.

lørdag 16. oktober 2010

Drinking water

Here is a picture I took today were he really drinks some water, not just bites the glass.
His head has grown a bit bigger from the old pic, so he can only drink from a bigger cup.

Making himself comfortable

It's hard to make a cat do what you want him to do, like eating from his foodbowl, drink from the waterbowl or scratch only on his scratchingpost. At first he didn't like his waterbowl, but I guess he saw me and my GF drink from cups, so he wanted that to.
He is biting the glass on this pic, but that's after he has emptied it. He also tried to eat the snacks in the background, but they where so hard that he ended up playing with them.

fredag 15. oktober 2010

The first week

Frankie was very shy when he first got here, but after a day or two he began to make him self comfortable by sleeping where he wanted and climbing around on the furniture. Here are some pics.

Yeah, he is really sleeping on the last pic. Believe it or not.

torsdag 14. oktober 2010


This is going to be a blog about my cat, Frankie, and his daily activities. He usually stays at home, he's sterilized and he likes to eat. I'll go take some pictures and post some more later.

Here is a picture from when I first got him. He's 5 weeks old in this one.